New guidelines, new beginnings

So, I always thought having a morning routine and a night routine was enslaving and boring, alas! How wrong I was! It is true that making the bed doesn’t matter to me one bit, and with the weather being so hot…I don’t even have a blanket on top of the mattress’s sheet so there’s nothing to do there. I just fold my PJs.

But there are other things that I certainly do:

  • Wake up and go pee, after pee wash my face, use a tongue scraper
  • Take my vitamin, stand in front of my altar, set an intention for the day, and thank for a brand new day and all that comes to mind, ring my bell, light up incense, charge with my crystals and take my Japa mala.
  • Some breathwork, mantra meditation with the Japa mala, I now do 2 rounds. Then a session with the Balance app that gives quite useful tips I carry into daily life.
  • Study 2 sets of kanji
  • Do the daily Elevate (brain training) workout
  • Have breakfast (by now it’s 6:45ish, so being done by 7:15 tops)
  • Get to work
  • Workout
  • Get clean, work more

The rest is free until around 7:30 then the evening routine:

  • Have my last meal around 6:45 – 7:10 pm
  • Brush teeth with no paste, then floss, then brush with paste
  • Read
  • Evening meditation
  • Sleep!

I get around 7- 7.5 hours of sleep each day, going to bed around 9:45 – 10:20, I naturally wake up around 5:30 am!

Now I am adding a shitload of green leaves into my diet and some other nice Ayurveda tips. I used to think routines are boring, but they actually save you energy because you make fewer decisions and thus have more stored willpower, which is finite.

So this is an awesome balance for me, evening and morning routines and jamming wild ass stuff in the middle haha.

Game changing

I didn’t want to let the day end without writing here, a lot has happened, as usual, but what I wanted to write about is my new and latest eating healthier approach: Ayurveda. I am not saying I have gone fully ayurvedic now, but many of its principles do make sense to me and might make my life better and easier.

So for doshas or body-mind type, I am a Pitta-Kappa, dietary changes will include adding much more green greens, so broccoli (already love it), spinach, kale, and others. I will not stop eating soy, even if many people don’t think well of it, I will lower my intake though.

I am excited for everything that is around the corner.


I don’t think I’ve ever understood the full implication of the meaning of the phrase “To turn one’s life around”, I did not foresee it would mean turning it all up, inside down, rinse and repeat. I certainly did not foresee that it would take me back to when I was turning 16 when I started to read all that I could about Wicca, paganism, herbs and candles. Somehow along the way, I left that behind, retaking it now and then, but I never felt the magic inside…until now. I don’t know if it’s that moon on Scorpio or a culmination of several processes, it all started when I was 31, so 8 years ago, I got a major kickstart around 2018, and the next big major change was 2020, which was a real “now and then” for most, if not all, of us.

I read so much, I said goodbye to so many things, to the person that I used to be, but now that is combining to saying hello to who I actually want to be and effectively leaving the old me behind, I didn’t think something as liberating and joyful could also feel so sad, I guess we grow attached to the idea of ourselves until we find out who we really are and it doesn’t match quite well.

This is another post written amidst tears, that has to give it an extra layer of rawness. Besides the new habits and retaking my spirituality, I’ve left other things behind, people as well, but I always have thought that the end is not really the end, I won’t feel this way forever and as my bracelet says “This too shall pass”. I firmly believe people can reconnect, when the time is right again, because of course it is always the right time, even if it seems brief from our human point of view.

I feel like I am so much closer to being that woman I’ve dreamt of, I just have to keep doing my work and allow the Goddess to give me that final push. Certainly one has to keep reminding herself to be mindful, to practice gratitude and all that, this is a daily, lifetime commitment.

New life, new habits,old habits

So, A LOT has changed, I wanna write it down cos that is something I really like and it helps me keep my head clear.

First of all…did you know that

“The Jewish mystics described a spiritual place called “Gehinnom.” This is usually translated as “Hell,” but a better translation would be “the Supernal Washing Machine.” Because that’s exactly how it works. The way our soul is cleansed in Gehinnom is similar to the way our clothes are cleansed in a washing machine. Put yourself in your socks’ shoes, so to speak. If you were to be thrown into boiling hot water and flung around for half an hour, you might start to feel that someone doesn’t like you. However, the fact is that it is only after going through a wash cycle that the socks can be worn again.”

That is a random thing I read, I am researching and learning a lot from the philosophy of stoicism and also from the Kabbalah.

Anyhow, I have discovered that I actually like routines, but not as in wake up at x time and work, more like habits and here I list some I am forging and some I already mixed into my life:

  • 12-hour fast window, so if I had dinner at 7:30pm, I have breakfast at 7:30 am.
  • Brushing teeth in the morning and before sleep
  • Flossing
  • Turning off my PC and phone 2 hours before bed (around 8)
  • Read from 8 to 9:00-10:00 pm while using my toe straighteners
  • Put on night meditation
  • Wash my face first thing in the morning
  • Do my morning meditation
  • Stand in front of my altar and set an intention for the day
  • Set an intention before working out
  • Set an intention and give thanks before eating
  • Set an intention before all I do, as much as I remember to
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Workout mindfully
  • Mind which words I use and remove certain ones from my vocabulary
  • Take responsibility for my own life
  • Be more thankful
  • Live as if it was my last day because it very well could be
  • Engage in spiritual practices daily

So far that is it, the other is of course minding my fitness routine, cooking and eating in an optimal way, which for now is 5x times a day every 3 hours. Breath properly during my exercises.

Value and cost

I’ve been watching a ton of videos and reading, and one of the videos that struck me the most was one about money and abundance, I had heard and read about this topic of course, but the way this lady talked about it really resonated with me.

She said that money is the way we thank others for what they do for us if they provide something of value. For example, a taxi drive, delicious food, or a loan. I found this to be true, what other way to thank others than with money, it’s an energy exchange. I realized I didn’t value things, products or services enough, and of course, this means it’s hard for others to value what I do, see?

This applies to things like movies, books, and songs, once another lady I follow on YouTube talked about this, respecting other people’s dharma or life’s purpose. So since that day I only read books that I had bought. I cleared all of my songs and started to buy them on iTunes, the ones I really couldn’t find I’d look elsewhere, and if nothing, well then I’d keep them, but those were mostly anime opening songs, old ones.

Then it was time for movies, I subscribed to Netflix and Cinepolis klick, one is the streaming platform we all know and the other you can rent or buy movies for a price. But I still saw some others in questionable ways, again, weird-ass movies that I have no way to find here through legal means. The program I used to get them got fucked up because it got into the virus database or something, so well, that made it easier I guess. I won’t stream them either, unless I pay, or again, unless it’s something very weird I can’t really find, and even so.

I say I love movies and books, then it’s normal that I give them the value they deserve and give my energy fee, aka money to the creators, distributors, etc. Same with anime, I now only watch on Crunchyroll, you can watch there for free with ads or pay a monthly subscription.

So the main point from that video about money was that we can think of money as a sort of coupon “good for X quantity” that we give to others so they can get what they need. Pretty nice and simple eh?

Same with banks, and lawyers, I noticed that many people complain about things like apps charging, or bank interests, but, the bank loan you just don’t get, there are people working to get that for you, the apps well, there’s a lot of people, editors, marketing, translators in most (raises a hand, like me), and if you get a benefit from something, then it gives you value, then the most natural thing is to show appreciation with the type of energy that most people use in this world, money.

Other than that I am researching how to be more kind to myself, and how to share that patience I can have with others, towards me, I am working on changing my inner dialogue and also I have been gently reminded to mind the words and expressions I use in my daily life, words are never just words.

It’s being…interesting, I wonder if I will cry several times today or not…we will see. But I know I got knocked down to get up and continue down the path that I am choosing, I think that’s the main point here, having a life that you really choose, and of course to heal those wounds related to my body.

To avoid this I just retreat until I am ready to face the world again lol

Here we are, to go

So, this personal-ish blog has been neglected heavily, mainly because I tried to open one in Spanish, my mother tongue, but it doesn’t have the same punch to it, I don’t feel like I can express my feelings as well.

Then I started my fitness journey blog, which will be sort of a diary since I want to turn fitness into my lifestyle, not a temporary thing. The issue that has arisen: my body image, I’ve had that now for a few years but this is the first time that it has actually made me sad, sad for what I’ve allowed happen to my own body, my temple, and my vehicle to do things on this earth.

I am not happy with how I look or feel, the clothes are too tight, and looking in the mirror is quite hard, I am on the right path, I have not done the usual and beat myself up or called myself names, but I’ve felt really out of it. For this I am taking a time-out, I need not go out or talk to people, even friends or my partner.

I know other people deal with these things differently, some seek support from others, but for me, it’s always the time to go within, kind of like a spiritual retreat.

So, on with mindful eating, working out, walking, meditating, and trying my best to be gentle, kind, and patient with myself, it took me a few months to get here, so I reckon it’ll take at least a few months to get closer to be the woman I dream of being.

Also, the job has been slow, which isn’t helping, but one gotta move forward, keep the eyes on the trophy and do the best one can do at a given time.

It will be fine.

“I don’t know how to use my life”

May 2012 movie

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this movie, I think it’s my favorite to this date. I don’t count but I think I’ve watched it at least 10 times, for me watching the same movie that many times says a lot, the only other 2 movies I re-watch at least yearly are “The nightmare before Christmas” and “One missed call”. Anyhow, let’s begin this review, I’ll now make it this way, first with NO spoilers and second part, with spoilers. BE warned.



May tells us the story of an outcast, a girl who for what we can see, has never fit in. She sews her own clothes, has a lazy eye and well, she is, particular, you know. She may or may not have a warped sense of love and relationships. Bonus fact: Angela Bettis does have an actual lazy eye.

May is portrayed by the unmistakeable Angela Bettis. I felt so much empathy for this character, also seeing Anna Faris doing something other than comedy, I mean this movie does have some funny moments, well it might be that they seem funny to me or people who like that sort of thing…who knows. We like weird right?

Hehehehe, so basically that is, the lonely weird-ish girl working in a vet place tries at several relationships, that doesn’t go too well and from there, we got our movie.






I won’t narrate the movie or anything, I just want to mention how much I liked the fact that as May was breaking down, her doll’s crystal box/case, Suzie, also breaks down, we realize it actually isn’t breaking but this is an allegory and I think it is very well done.

The actual chopping and cutting off people’s parts and making “THE perfect friend” is a nice wink to Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.  you know, Mary Shelley. And Frankenstein was not the monster! it was the doctor!

Anyway, this spoiler section is quite short, I only want to add I also liked how when May goes in her little rampage (little?!) she becomes Suzie.  I would befriend May, I think she’s misunderstood and really sweet. Before she goes a wee insane, but hey rejection does that to people you know?



The Neighbor (2012) Korean movie


That is the poster that I saw first for this movie. I’m in the middle of my Korean fever, so I naturally just felt like watching as many movies as possible, ok to be fair it’s more of an Asian fever, I’ve been watching movies from India to Indonesia, passing through Japan, Corea and China.

(This is my first public post in a while, it feels good to write again)

Anyway, I saw this and expected a classic formula, “I was killed I help you find my murderer” kind of plot. I am so happy to say I was wrong about it. I won’t spoil it for you, I will later on but not now and all with due warning. But the main charm of this movie for me was that it’s a slow cook, things build-up, but the best is the relationship of the (step)mom and the daughter, the “mafia looking guy” is one of the best characters for me, he gets constantly judged based on his looks or reputation and alas! he is one of the most decent people in those damn buildings. (in the department building block).

I especially liked the tension that builds up, since you wonder, when is someone going to do something damn it, near the end of the movie I was cheering out loud for 2 people! And when it ends, you remember the first written line and then comes the last, it was an AHA moment for me.








Ok so, you know how it says “my dead daughter has been coming home for a week” a few minutes in, right?

Well in the end, we learn the killer dude didn’t kill the suitcase seller because he was afraid, of? the line then says “The girl I killed has been going home for a week”

That moment is when I decided this was one of my favorite movies.

I naturally first thought, oh ok ghost girl is appearing to her mom cos , well, stepmom, cos she didn’t go pick her up and to killer, guy to torment him. BUT I then thought more and decided MAYBE, she only appears to her mom because the woman was overridden with guilt, from not picking up the kid and for not succeeding in bonding with her when she was alive, cos the ghost stops showing up when the mom welcomes her home and stuff. It may be that, what do you think?

I think the ghost girl here represents the guilt, not that it’s a ghost per se. that was my point. Or it could be a mix of both.

And the killer guy well, he may be also felt somehow guilty that is why he kept seeing her. Plus only those two seemed disturbed by the glass girls who was just a bit similar to dead girl.



RottenMind recomendación de YouTube

¡Muy buenas a todos! Hoy, en mi primer entrada del 2020, wow, que rápido se va el tiempo, quiero dedicar este espacio a una recomendación, como lo hice anteriormente al recomendar YouTubers que narraban horror, hoy toca un canal que cubre mayormente películas y series ( con algo de juegos y una pizca de anime). Quiero que mucha gente lo vea, porque estos chicos de verdad que se esmeran muchísimo y su contenido es muy diferente.

Veamos, primero les dejo el link del canal en Youtube  RottenMind. De ahí, pueden ver que cuentan con una cantidad impresionante de videos, me parece cerca de 1,600, yo me he propuesto verlos todos, creo que voy en unos 100 apenas, pero eso es otra historia y si que lo he de lograr. Ellos son Rotten el chico y la chica es Sinkope, tienen varias secciones, por ejemplo #Noslotragamosporti en donde ven películas que suscriptores no están seguros de si ver o no, varias sorpresas han salido de eso. Está la maravillosa #Sinpelosenlacritica, que usualmente se divide en parte con spoiler y parte sin spoiler, cada una muy bien delimitada, yo soy especialmente fan de esta sección porque cuando se indignan y algo es en verdad terrible, no se callan nada.#HoyRecomendamos es creo mi favorita, tanto que descubrir hay todavía en la vida del cine.

Y si que es verdad que hay muchas pelis sobrevaloradas, ellos no temen meterse con nada,sólo son personas que dan su sincera opinión y gustan de disfrutar de las pantallas, chicas y grandes. De lejos se nota que son muy inteligentes ambos y además su presencia en los videos es muy, natural, todo fluye muy orgánicamente.

Aquí copio y pego la descripción textual que aparece en su canal:

Este canal está dividido entre Cine y Videojuegos. Encontrareis secciones para todos los gustos, películas poco conocidas y juegos muy extraños. Subimos 2 vídeos diarios así que no dudes en visitar los anteriores. En la pagina de Inicio encontrareis todas las secciones ordenadas para que encuentres lo que buscas. GRACIAS POR VENIR AL CANAL.

Secciones de Analisis de peliculas, recomendaciones, retos, juegos de cine y muchas cosas más.

Juegos de todo tipo desde extraños a retro, poco conocidos, primeras impresiones, Online y en solitario! MUCHAS GRACIAS POR VUESTRO APOYO!”

Su logo que me hicieron el favor de pasarme

Bien, el motivo por el cual quiero recomendarlos es porque con ellos he conocido varias películas que yo creo que no hubiera encontrado nunca, ni sabido de ellas, la más reciente y que me estremeció el ser, fue “Tore tanzt” ,peli alemana sobre el fanatismo, vaya es muy buena, muy dura de ver pero es de esas películas que te ponen a pensar y eso es algo que yo al menos valoro mucho. Claro que hay tiempo para ver cosas que de malas son buenas o cosas que meramente te hacen pasar un rato divertido. Pero es ahí donde ellos son como un manantial, aparte de recomendar pelis muy buenas, que ya he visto unas 15, ellos no temen expresarse, si una peli no les gusta a ambos o a alguno, así de culto, así sea Begotten ( xD) o alguna peli genérica de Netflix, , lo dicen y eso les da una frescura y honestidad que bueno se aprecia mucho.

Además de que se nota que como personas son muy relajados y muy cool, yo me he unido a su Patreon , que puedes colaborar desde una moneda, es muy bonito poder ser parte de las personas que con su apoyo les ayudan a otros a vivir sus sueños, ya saben que soy freelancer y el poder cooperar al menos un poco a que otros trabajen en lo que aman, para mí es de las mejores sensaciones del mundo. Además de todo tienen un grupo privado en Telegram al que puedes acceder con la categoría de $5 al mes, ellos hablan con nosotros y son súper divertidos y buena onda, cosa que a veces es raro hallar en YouTubers porque no sé, se les sube como decimos en México, que se creen mucho, pero estos chicos no, ellos son buen pedo de principio a fin.

Los pueden apoyar de muchas maneras, incluso suscribirse directamente en YouTube, ah y casi olvido que los domingos hacen un directo y están muy activos respondiendo al chat. Dénse una oportunidad de conocer otras cosas aparte de las pelis de toda la vida, vale que no les gusten o que su opinión sea diferente, pero una de las mejores cosas que hay es poder ver las cosas con otra perspectiva, al menos un momento.

PS Antes que me olvide, pueden conocer frases épicas como “revolver a ver”, de verdad que esa la uso ahora seguido, jaja, pura diversión,ya les digo yo.